Blog Post #1 - Life As A Musician 

Hello my kind friend! If you’re reading this please know I am grateful that you have taken the time to visit my website and at least read the second sentence of my first blog post. And now the third sentence! I really like you and hope you stick around just a bit longer. If we’re not friends already, then I hope we can be, or somehow we can connect through these writings or through music in some way. Maybe we even share the same fondness of snails, goats, hiking, and craft brews that I may or may not proclaim boldly on Instagram. Anyway, I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for many years now. As time goes on, I realize that I have some pretty interesting stories and hopefully some useful information (especially to other musicians or those in creative fields) that I’d like to put out there for whoever may fancy reading. 

I’ve been out of my comfort zone the last few years more than I can remember in my whole life... I’ve had some crazy experiences like: being detained in London (will explain more later, I think that story warrants a separate blog post), robbed in Las Vegas, stranded in Amsterdam at 4am after a gig, lost in the deserts of Arizona, being the opening act for a stripper show in Portland (unbeknownst to me, I swear!), and nearly hitting wild donkeys in the Wild, Wild, West (yes they actually exist in the U.S., google it!). I’ve also been tipped with some pretty rad things, like: sweet and sour sauce packets, hand-written conspiracy theories, weed, lots of phone numbers, a gazillion different currencies, ketchup, condoms, oh and, yeah, money sometimes too. 

All that to say, I’ve had some really fun and sometimes scary experiences. I’ve learned a lot about myself and a lot about who I would like to be as a musician and as a person. I’m generally not a fan of having super personal information about myself on the internet. I use social media for my music and career, but I am still wary of it and would say I am a relatively private person. As a performing musician, I've had to really learn how to put myself out there, especially with creating and performing original music. I’ve started letting more of my inside become the outside part of me. It’s no particularly easy transition and filled with plenty of ups and downs, but 100% worth it. I’m learning that the journey is truly much more important than any destination one could imagine. It’s not that reaching goals is unimportant (it’s a necessity for growth and progress), but it’s the process…the road itself, the unknown caves that we enter, the nets that only appear when we leap, that form and mold us to be who we are, who we will become, and takes us to places we’ve never even dreamt of. 

The highs of working in the music business are inspiring and help me to remember why I do what I do. Learning how to play guitar and create music, even just being able to enjoy listening to music, was something that drastically shaped the course of my life in a way that makes me forever grateful. Knowing that I may be able to help instill this in others gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. The feeling that I get when someone gets goosebumps or cries after hearing a song that I wrote (hopefully not because of how bad it was) is indescribable. Creating your own music is  something really special and vulnerable and scary and amazing. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of being a musician. Some other fun perks for me include experiences like performing on big stages, touring to many different cities across the U.S. and Europe, being played on different radio stations, signing autographs, and being featured as a speaker at industry events.  

Alternatively, the lows of the music world can be quite low too; being rejected time after time for gigs and opportunities, droughts with minimal income, performing for one dollar bills on the street (and sweet and sour packets, of course). In the midst of the lows, it can be difficult to remember why I keep doing what I’m doing. I’m trying to focus on persistence and commitment to constantly improving both as a musician and as an entrepreneur. Reading and learning have helped me weather some of the tougher times, and to move forward when I forget where I’m going and feel completely lost. 

I hope this blog will provide some useful and inspirational information from books to articles, videos, lessons. It will be part anecdotal as I talk about my weird experiences and stories, and part inspirational, at least I hope. Peace and love!